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Apply for a work visa of a foreign country and work abroad via Sekhri Academy and Immigration Ltd.
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work visa
Work Visa


Work Visa of any country permits the holder to work or search for work in that country until the validity of the visa. Work Visas may differ for different countries in terms of their 

  • duration of stay, scope, 
  • roles, 
  • industry, and 
  • Purpose


Eligibility is decided by the country’s embassy and a work permit is granted only on the fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.

Countries usually grant a work visa for areas in which there is a skill shortage in the country and require foreign employment. Work Visa grants a specific duration of stay in the country and is often extendible. Work Visa options are also granted post your studies in a foreign country. Within the duration of the post study work permit validity, the holder can apply for jobs in that country.