Time Management Tactics to master IELTS Reading Module
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time management

Time Management Tactics to master IELTS Reading Module

One of the frequently discussed strategies to master IELTS Reading Module is Time Management. The importance of Time Management is highly stressed upon, but unfortunately, most of the training academies do not explain the correct meaning of it. What is majorly discussed is the time ‘division’, however, time ‘management’ has more aspects attached to it. Over the years, Sekhri Academy has discovered that students who had already attempted the IELTS Exam, kept stressing that they did well, but, probably lacked in time management. Consequently, they could not meet the desired score. On being asked how were they managing time, almost everyone talked about the division of time into various sections. What remains a fact is that they still couldn’t make it in the exams.

So, here’s a thought, you already know time management is required. Almost every student divides the time into different sections. Yet, you consider there is a lack in your time management strategy. Finally, your score does not meet your expectations. What exactly is holding you back from mastering in IELTS Reading module?


Time Division

One aspect, which is the division of time, is what most of us are familiar with. In order to be able to complete the reading test effectively in time, one must allot every section a percentage of time to work on. Give the first two to three minutes to quickly get an idea of what topics are there in the question paper. Start with the section which seems the easiest.

The apt division is to allot maximum time to the section you find most difficult, around 10 minutes altogether, in the end, to properly revise and transfer answers to the answer sheet and the rest divided equally to the other easier sections. In addition, practice spending a maximum of 5 minutes for each passage in the skimming process. Once you have gone through the passage it would become much easier to find and scan the answers to specific questions.


Effect of Time Management on IELTS Reading

Time Management slightly differs from Time division in the sense that it helps you utilize this division of time in a fruitful manner. Giving 20 minutes to one passage is fine, but are you able to get it right in 20 minutes. Here’s how you can:

  • While practicing, try several test papers at your pace first, to understand which areas you excel in and what are your shortcomings.
  • Identify each area you are weak in. Is it the vocabulary, the analytical power for true, false and not given or one-word answers, and work on it specifically.
  • Being good in individual areas will gradually add speed to your attempts.
  • Practice using timers on each section with the time allotted by you to that section.
  • Finally, practice the entire paper and keep noting the time you spent in each section. If any area needs more learning, first study it, then practice it, eventually practice it with time.

If you follow this strategy, not only will you speed up, you will speed up to answer accurately.


Additional Tip

Once you are all set with the timings, it would mean you have saved time for revision and for transferring answers. This is when you should also fill in for answers you were not sure of. Do not leave any question unanswered as there is no negative marking. Good Luck! As you are now well-managed with your time.


Thank you for reading our blog. We would love for you to share your thoughts, reviews, and expectations from this blog. You can suggest the topics you would like Sekhri Academy to guide you on. We also encourage the students who successfully completed their English Exams to share their thoughts, new exam patterns, recommendations and experiences with other readers. Feel free to ask questions or send suggestions. Do comment in the comments section below. Check out educational videos on our Youtube Channel.
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