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Apply for a Spouse Visa or dependent visa for any country especially new Zealand spouse visa easily at Sekhri Academy and Immigration Ltd.
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Spouse Visa
Spouse Visa


A Spouse or Partner Visa gives the eligibility for a spouse to enter and stay in a foreign country, if his or her partner is a resident or citizen of that country or holds an authorized work permit. It comes under the Family Class visa. Spouse is allowed to work in the country under some circumstances. Spouse or partner visa is granted only after valid documentation has been provided like

  • Proofs of relationship,
  • Duration proofs of relationship,
  • Background check proofs,
  • Spouse’s immigration proofs,
  • Interdependence documents,
  • Sponsorship documents,
  • Funds, and more


In certain countries marriage proofs are required for a Spouse Visa while others may allow for a Live In partner to travel on a partner visa. The spouse or partner of the visa applicant should sponsor him/her with valid sponsorship documents.