Services for the students

With hundreds of students placed overseas, we are well aware of the challenges faced by prospective students and immigrants. We have a dedicated team to assist you at every step from course selection to post landing services at the destination countries.
Services for the students
Career Guidance - Admission Counseling

Every student is a unique experience. We follow a very systematic approach in counseling the students. In addition to checking the students’ educational credentials, we like to talk to them about their interests, hobbies, their ambitions and aspirations. After a detailed conversation, we are able to measure the interest and aptitude of the students, (sometimes through scientific aptitude tests).

This helps us to shortlist the study destination and the course of study in which student has keen interest and has an aptitude to excel in Various factors are measured before advising the students for a particular country or institution or course like: duration and cost of the course, long term prospects possible after the study, credentials of the receiving institution and among other factors - political, geographical and economic climate of the destination country.

Course Selection – Top institutions to choose from

We represent a wide number of top class institutions across the globe.

Our assessment of the students at step 1 above help us to provide them access to a wide range of courses at various levels like: undergraduate, graduate and post graduate certificates, diplomas and degrees across all the disciplines of education.

On behalf of the students, we apply for admissions to the selected institution after fulfilling the admissions requirements like English Language Ability (IELTS/TOEFL), reference checks, SOPs, etc...

Our strength lies in face to face interaction of each and every student with Mr. Munish Sekhri, who guides the students in detail about their study plans.

Assistance in Visa formalities- Visa Application Processing

We keep ourselves updated with immigration policies and procedures which tend to change frequently and are quite complex in nature. Armed with a vast experience of visa application lodgments, we provide the students with country specific check lists including the type of documents required like – academics, financial, income related, relationship proofs, SOPs, etc., and guide them in detail about gathering the required documentation. Once they have submitted the documentation in our office, each and every document is verified and once found to be authentic; the application is lodged with the respective visa office.

"We do not lodge applications supported by fake documentation and discourage any such activities which can spoil the future of the clients and also reflect negatively on our reputation".

We are proud to have attained and maintained about 99% success rate for the visa applications lodged by us. We have had visas approved even in 2 working days. That is due to the quality of documentation and the trust built over years of honesty and hard work.

Visa Application Processing
Pre-departure Counseling

Once the visa is stamped and the student is ready to embark upon his journey to a better tomorrow, we arrange a 1to1 counseling session with the student to apprise him of other challenges that he is expected to meet with in a new country. During this meeting, the student is provided with:

  • Cultural sensitization about the destination country,
  • Tentative list of things to carry (packing list of household stuff, stationary items, clothing, medication, and other dos and don’ts.)
  • CV writing and job interview preparation to enable him to instantly seek suitable jobs on reaching the foreign shores.

We have an in-house travel desk to make travel arrangements for our clients. Due to our strong tie-ups in the industry, our clients get the best possible deals on Air Tickets, Travel Insurance, Foreign Exchange, etc.

We are associated with organizations like: Thomas Cook, Weizmann Forex Ltd., HDFC Bank, Travel Tag for providing world class services to our clients.

Post landing services

In association with our partner institutions and other independent service providers, we arrange for the various post landing services for our clients e.g. airport pickup, accommodation arrangements, applying for tax number, etc. Thanks to a strategic tie-up with international banks like ANZ Bank in New Zealand, we can also open a bank account for our clients, before they even leave their home country.

All this to make it easy for the clients to settle into a new life in a new country.

Types of Accommodation

We arrange accommodation for short term or long term stay for the students e.g.:

Types of Accommodation
  • Home stays (with a family registered, verified and approved by local authorities)
  • Hostels (on campus and off campus)
  • Serviced apartments
  • Private accommodation
  • Youth Hostels (like YMCA, Backpackers, etc.)