Earn Those Extra Points Only Smart Students Score in Speaking Module
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Earn Those Extra Points Only Smart Students Score in Speaking Module

If you got interested in reading this blog, then probably you have already attempted the IELTS Exam. Even if this is your first attempt, you would get to know how a simple change in your answers can get you an extra score compared to thousands of other students you are competing with. Students get stuck on a score of 5 or 5.5 in the speaking module. Interestingly, it is quite easy to push yourself over the edge to get a minimum score of 6. With the years of experience in the training sector, Sekhri Academy could identify the reasons for some students being left behind in their scores even with correct answers. To understand it let’s check out some examples:

The Background

How would you answer the question- “where are you from?”

Most students would name their city of residence. Say for example, “Delhi”. While technically it is correct, the examiner is fairly uninterested in knowing where you actually live. What they are evaluating you on is your fluency and formation of sentences. So, when you say “Delhi” or “I am from Delhi” you are majorly repeating the examiner’s words. You have to add an impression in your answer to convince the examiner that you can speak fluently, in the limited time that they have, to test you.

The Remedy

This does not mean beating around the bush or adding unnecessary information in your answer. Read this part of the blog very carefully to understand the remedy. You only have to answer the question to the point. Understand the question properly first and only then answer it. Do not rush into answering without understanding the question. Taking a few seconds would help you form sentences correctly. Try to answer the question in short but more than one sentence. Also, try to frame your answer in your own words wherever possible. Most important in the speaking module!

For the example mentioned in this article, the answer could be slightly molded as: “I live in Delhi. It is the capital of India.” Or, “I live in the capital of India, Delhi” Not only does this completely answer the question, but it also suggests your thought process while answering. It suggests that you did not just learn the answer but had an explanation for it. Moreover, it gives the impression that you are not in a hurry to end the conversation. Your level of comfort and confidence also becomes evident. The examiner might also ask fewer questions if already quite convinced with your previous answers.

Isn’t that an opportunity and a great tip!

Quick Bites

To summarize the above discussion, remember the points below to avoid losing on the extra points that will help you reach your target score in the speaking module:

  • Listen to the question carefully, understand and then answer.
  • Answer the question to the point. Avoid unnecessary details.
  • Try to frame the sentences in your own words rather than repeating the examiner’s words.
  • Avoid one-word or one-liner answers. Try to elaborate just a little, so that only relevant information is delivered.

That’s it, Congratulations in advance on your extra score!


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