PTE - 6 PTE Read Aloud Mistakes and Their Remedies For 2020
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read aloud in pte

6 PTE Read Aloud Mistakes and Their Remedies For 2020

Are you preparing for the PTE Read Aloud for 2020? It is a good choice to opt for the PTE exam for foreign education. The advantage that comes with it is that it is completely computerized. However, the same advantage could turn into a disaster if care is not taken. There are a number of commonly seen errors that students make while attempting the Read-Aloud section of the PTE Exam 2020. The first step to prevent such errors is to be aware of them and then take the necessary steps to avoid them. This article discusses these errors consolidated by the trainers of Sekhri Academy through their interaction with different types of students.

Eat Your Breakfast Not Words

When human beings interact, they hear as well as watch the lips movements. The interpretation of what is being spoken works differently. Unlike this, a computer would be able to interpret only if there is clarity of words. Emphasize on the words to make each syllable clearly audible. Rather than speaking in flow as you generally do, stress clearly on each letter. If the interpretation is wrong, then, unfortunately, it means you spoke incorrectly. For example, “I am a good boy” if spoken too quickly may sound like “Am a good boy”.

This Is The Time To Raise Your Voice

Another important thing to take care of is your volume. Do not mumble in the mouth, make words audible enough for the microphone receptors to receive your voice. After all, it’s in the name ‘Read Aloud’.

Stress on Plurals

It is not a surprise if you get to know that one of your words containing an ‘s’ in the end was misread. If spoken in a flow ‘s’ at the tail of words sometimes get suppressed in terms of audibility. Especially reading sentences with multiple ‘s’ words. Consider this example, All the sweaters, soaked in water are ready for washing. The pause (‘,’) after ‘sweaters’ must be paid attention to. This pause will help you read out both the words- sweaters and soaked properly.

Past Tense Might Trouble

Words of past tense, that is the ones that end in ‘ed’ also need attention. In a lot of words stressing on ‘ed’ is more difficult. For Example, bathed, asked, breathed, framed etc. If the entire word is not clearly audible or not pronounced properly, there is a good chance of losing marks.


When reading aloud make sure you read out in one go. While stammering you always add additional A’s in the sentence. For Example, the sentence- I was reading a book during my class becomes: I was a a reading a book a a during my a class. The computer will not understand that those extra A’s you added while stammering were not a part of the sentence.

Learn The Pronunciations

You probably did not ponder much on it, but you may have been pronouncing words incorrectly. Certain words are so similar in their pronunciations, that to distinguish them apart you need to know the exact pronunciation. Take a look at the below words:

  • [sayit block=”1″]Accept[/sayit]vs
    [sayit block=”1″]Except [/sayit]
  • [sayit block=”1″]Hair[/sayit]vs
    [sayit block=”1″]Here [/sayit]
  • [sayit block=”1″]Flour[/sayit]vs
    [sayit block=”1″]Floor [/sayit]

It is essential to know which syllable to stress on in such words. All of these words are pronounced differently.

The PTE Read Aloud Test 2020 would rate you on your correctness more than fluency. Take appropriate (but not too long) pauses to sound correct. Grab maximum marks by avoiding common mistakes.

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6 PTE Read Aloud Mistakes and Their Remedies For 2020
Article Name
6 PTE Read Aloud Mistakes and Their Remedies For 2020
There are a number of commonly seen errors that students make while attempting the Read-Aloud section of the PTE Exam 2020. The first step to prevent such errors is to be aware of them and then take the necessary steps to avoid them.
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Sekhri Academy and Immigration Ltd.
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  • Robertchice
    Posted at 23:13h, 29 May Reply

    If you delay your child’s reading skill development until he or she enters school, you are putting your child at risk…
    Did you know that 67% of all Grade 4 students cannot read at a proficient level!
    There is a super simple and extremely effective system that will even teach 2 and 3 year old children to read:

  • Curious
    Posted at 12:40h, 07 March Reply

    Are there any changes in the PTE Exam pattern for 2020?

    • Trainer
      Posted at 12:44h, 07 March Reply

      PTE read aloud in the year 2020 may have new challenges for you. Being up to date with the advances each year is important. Though, we will keep updating all our readers here about the pattern in our upcoming blogs, get proper training from our trainers at our institute. Find out more and all our locations on:

  • Fabi
    Posted at 11:25h, 01 March Reply

    I’ve been told to read really fast but I don’t think this is working for me. Do you think I can read it in normal pace, respecting all the punctuation?

    • Trainer
      Posted at 05:49h, 03 March Reply

      Thank you for asking a very relevant question Fabi. One thing is, you definitely can and should speak at a normal pace keeping in mind the punctuations and pronunciations. Your assessment is being done by a computer system and it is important that your words are clear. One very good practice technique can be to use a voice agent on tools like Microsoft Word. Use the microphone option on it and speak sentences for it to write on the document. If you see that it is able to interpret your words and writes correctly, you are going on the right track. Stress and take pauses where the interpreter is finding it difficult to understand your pronunciation. Practicing this way will help you speak correctly, take pauses and know your weak points.

  • Student
    Posted at 06:23h, 27 November Reply

    How to get better at Repeat Sentences

    • Trainer
      Posted at 06:11h, 31 January Reply

      We will cover this in our next blog, that for the input.

  • Learner
    Posted at 06:07h, 27 November Reply

    I always feel I might miss the time of answering, and in a hurry answer incorrectly. How do I recover from it?

    • Trainer
      Posted at 06:13h, 27 November Reply

      The best way to manage time is to practice answering only one question with a timer. Practice it several times and check how much time do you actually take. Most of the time it is just the fear and you would find that you are able to answer within time. Once that confidence is built up, attempting the entire paper in time would be a piece of cake :). You can also check out some points on Time Management covered in the blog:

      We will also post more tactics on PTE time management soon. Keep checking out our blogs.

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