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Prepare For IELTS In A Short Time

Prepare For IELTS In A Short Time

Have you decided to move to a foreign country recently? Then it is for sure that you would be preparing for International Exams like IELTS, PTE or CELPIP. Working professionals or even students find it difficult to find time to study for the IELTS exam as much as it essentially requires. A lot is to be understood in a very limited time like the exam pattern, scoring sections, module familiarity, practice, and a lot more. The average optimum time to prepare for IELTS is a month in most cases. However, if you are targeting a good score in IELTS in a short time, a few most important things must be considered. So, to answer questions like How to prepare for the IELTS in one month? let us find out about those key points.


Knowing The IELTS Test Format

The first thing that you must hop on to while preparing for IELTS is the Format of the paper. This includes all the information like:

  • The IELTS exam evaluates you on four modules, Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • Each module has specific sections with different weightage, timing, marking and scoring criteria.
  • IELTS exam has two categories Academic and General. Students aspiring to study outside usually have to prepare for IELTS Academic while all other visa cases can prepare for IELTS General.
  • Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General have specific Reading and Writing formats, learn about the one you are preparing for.
  • Listening, Reading and Writing modules must be attempted in a go on the same day and speaking test can be arranged before or after them.


Knowing The Expectations Of Examiners

As such, each section of each module has specific assessment criteria for which intensive research is required. You may also take the help of experts like The Sekhri Academy, known for its exclusive and result oriented handy tips, for more than 15 years. Some of the essential marking criteria that will prove really useful in quick preparation can be referred below:

1. IELTS Speaking Module Marking Criteria:
Prepare for the IELTS speaking module knowing that you would be marked for the below-mentioned points by the examiners approved by the British Council or IDP:

  • Fluency: It is the ability to speak with continuity, at an optimum rate with the least amount of effort or nervousness.
  • Coherence: It is the logical sequencing of sentences to form a meaningful answer by using, for instance, connectors, conjunctions, pronouns, etc.
  • Lexical Resource: It refers to the right amount and type of vocabulary used in the sentences.
  • Grammatical Accuracy: It refers to the length and complexity of the spoken sentences as well as the grammatical errors and their communicative effect on speech.
  • Pronunciation: It refers to the ability to produce comprehensible speech. The lesser the strain caused in listening and interpreting, the better is the pronunciation.


2. IELTS Writing Task 1 and Task 2 Marking Criteria:
Both IELTS Writing Task 2 and Task 1 are assessed separately, however, Task 2 hold more marks weightage that 1. Criteria for Both Writing Task 1 and 2 include the below:

  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Lexical resource
  • Grammatical range and accuracy
    Apart from these, Task 1 also assesses on:
  • Task achievement: It refers to how appropriately, accurately and relevantly the writeup has been framed in 150 words.
    And, Task 2 also assesses on:
  • Task response: It refers to the formulation of the answer well supported by evidence, experiences and examples. The writeup must be at least 250 words.


3. IELTS General Reading and IELTS Academic Reading are both assessed based on the correctness of answers by qualified trainers and further by Cambridge Assessment English.


4. IELTS Listening Marking Criteria is also based on the correctness of answers, however, if the answer is understood correctly but written incorrectly on the answer sheets, it is penalized. Therefore, spelling and grammar assessments become part of the Listening Module marking criteria.



Knowing Your Strengths and Target Score

In the IELTS exam, it is good to aim for as many marks as possible, however, when the time for preparation is less, the strategy of maximizing the marks must be considered. You must know the band requirements for the college or country you want to apply a visa for. Then based on the format of the exam paper make a list of the sections you feel most confident about. Try to outline the questions that will help you attain the required marks in each section of each module depending upon your strength and marking criteria.

Practice previous test papers for these questions the most and try to attempt the rest as well. This way you would be able to maximize the output of IELTS in a short time. People often make the mistake of concentrating on what they do not know rather than on what they can easily work upon.



Practice Evaluations Will Lead To Success

No matter how much you practice, if you do not get the correct evaluations done, you can never improve. A qualified trainer can magically turn your evaluations into pointers you can score on. Take the help from academies like Sekhri Academy, which provides you mock tests and their assessments done by certified trainers. They can understand your gaps and suggest what to focus on in the limited time that you have. Also, get tips on writing tasks and the shortcomings in your spoken English.

With simple tips like these and more on our blog section, preparing for IELTS would become everyone’s cup of tea.


Thank you for reading our blog. We would love for you to share your thoughts, reviews, and expectations from this blog. You can suggest the topics you would like Sekhri Academy to guide you on. We also encourage the students who successfully completed their English Exams to share their thoughts, new exam patterns, recommendations and experiences with other readers. Feel free to ask questions or send suggestions. Do comment in the comments section below. Check out educational videos on our Youtube Channel.
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