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All types of New Zealand Visas including Permanent Residence visa, Tourist visa, spouse visa, dependent visa, partner visa, family visa, visitor visa and Section 61 or other appeals in New Zealand can be applied at Sekhri Academy and Immigration.
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New Zealand Immigration


New Zealand is a land of the Long White Cloud and a preferred location for migrants since ages for settlement and work. It is among the top ten trending places chosen by people to visit, settle, study and work. Over the years there has been a striking rise in New Zealand Immigration. The Reason is owing to its ultra comfortable lifestyle, delightful weather, exponentially growing economy and friendly atmosphere. Some cities in New Zealand are even reported to have higher population of migrants than its own citizens, popularly known as ‘Kiwi’.

The emerging growth in the migrants has time and again led to changes in rules and policies of New Zealand Immigration directed by the New Zealand Government and implemented by the New Zealand Embassy.

Sekhri Academy proudly boasts about it being the only Immigration Agency with Three Immigration Advisers Licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority, New Zealand. We are the only Immigration Service Providers who give 100% genuine advice and consultation for your Immigration to New Zealand, be it for any reason.

  • Serkhri Academy Deals in all kinds of Visa.
  • This is the only Immigration Agency with Three Licensed Immigration Advisers.
  • Sekhri Academy is bound to provide 100% genuine advice and consultation, by the Law.
  • We have our presence in multiple locations and are active online, giving you the comfort of reach.

Sekhri Academy will help you achieve your objective in New Zealand. You can apply for any type of visa from the ones listed below.


Family Stream

A Family Class work visa enables a New Zealand citizens, residents and some work visa holders to sponsor work permit for his/her partner. Spouse or partner of the person can stay in the foreign country and apply for jobs to work there as long as they have an open work visa.

Family class work visas can be of several types with similar privileges depending on what is the partner doing in the foreign country. The most common among these that have been described in separate sections are as below: 1. Partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residence Class Visa Holders 2. Special Work Visas for Partners of Holders of Work Visa 3. Special Work Visas for Partners of Holders of Student Visas

Study to Work

This type of Visa signifies the eligibility to work in New Zealand after having studied in New Zealand. There are certain conditions on the duration for which a candidate must have studied and the duration for which he is eligible to work afterwards on this visa.

Sekhri Academy specializes in all kinds of assistance required to process a Study to Work Visa. Find out all answers to below questions and solutions to your issues related to Study to Work Visa:

  • Who can apply for this visa?
  • Am I eligible for Study to Work Visa?
  • What is the duration of this visa?
  • Can this visa be extended and how?
  • What is the duration of studies required for this Visa?
  • What are the other requirements for applying for this visa?
  • What type of jobs can be taken with this Visa?
  • What documents are required for Study to Work Visa?
  • How can I apply for this visa?
Essential Skills Visa

This type of visa is granted to people possessing high skills in their area of work and have been offered a full time job in New Zealand. The candidate can work in New Zealand with this temporary visa depending upon the requirements there.

This is a temporary work visa. In case you have questions or issues related to Essential Skills Visa, please do contact Sekhri Academy. We will assist you with all information on below general topics and more:

  • Who can apply for Essential Skills Visa?
  • How to apply for Essential Skills Visa?
  • What are the conditions to apply for this visa?
  • What is the duration of this visa?
  • Can this visa be extended?
  • Am I eligible for this visa?
  • Can I sponsor my family with this temporary visa and how to do that?
  • What are the requirements for this visa?
  • What documents are required?
Silver Fern Visa

This type of Visa is for highly skilled people in their area, who wish to stay and search a job in New Zealand for long term. This type of Visa requires proper qualification in the field the candidate is applying for.

This is a kind of work visa that will allow you to search a job in New Zealand, only if you match the required qualifications criteria. Sekhri Academy will assist you in finding all information and getting all kind of assistance for a Silver Fern Visa. Find out:

  • How to apply Silver Fern Visa?
  • Who all can apply for a Silver Fern Visa?
  • Am I eligible for this visa with my qualifications?
  • When can I apply this Visa?
  • What is the duration for Silver Fern Visa?
  • What are the requirements for a Silver Fern Visa?
  • Can this visa be extended?
  • How do I solve an issue related to Silver Fern Visa?
  • What are the reasons for rejection?
Employer Assisted Work Visa

This visa has been now replaced by a Post-study work visa. The recent graduates who have successfully completed their qualification in NZ can apply for this visa. If you already hold a Post Study Work Visa (employer-assisted) and want to work under any employer in NZ then you can apply to change the conditions. we can help you to apply Employer assisted work visa.

Partners of New Zealand Citizens or Residence Class Visa Holders

This Visa facilitates the partner of either a New Zealand citizen or a residence class visa holder, to avail a work visa whike staying in New Zealand. The partner may be eligible for a work visa based on certain conditions like fulfilling a stable relationship criteria and and ensuring their stay in New Zealand to be the same as their partner.

Special Work Visas for Partners of Holders of Work Visas

This special type of visa is for partners of people who have been granted a work visa allowing a stay of more than six months in New Zealand, which is a multiple entry work visa. Instructions, terms and conditions follow this visa type which must be fulfilled to avail it.

This special work visa for partners involves several terms and conditions that must be fulfilled. Find out all information about the processing of this type of visa and resolution to any issues regarding this visa type at Sekhri Academy.

Special Work Visas for Partners of Holders of Student Visas

Partners of a person holding student visa in New Zealand can apply for work visa based on certain conditions. This special visa is a multiple entry work visa for the partner. The person holding the student visa must satisfy all the criteria required for their partners to be eligible for this visa type.


A separate Visa Category has been facilitated for family members of a person staying in a foreign country, who are willing to travel there. This category is further subcategorized into parents or grandparents, dependent spouses or children travelling to the destination country.

Parent and Grand Parent Multiple Entry Visa

This visa is facilitated with the intention of allowing parents or grandparents of a resident or citizen visa holder of a foreign country, to visit the destination country multiple times as per requirement. The same visa can be used multiple times for travelling to the same destination country.

Partners & Dependent Children of Student or Work Visa Holders

Partners or children as dependents of a person staying abroad can apply for a Dependent Visa to join him there. This specific category caters to the family dependents only. Partner Visa or Dependent Visa is further subcategorized based on factors like duration etc.

Partners & Dependent Children of NZ Citizens or Residence Class Visa Holders

Partners or dependent children of a person can apply for a visa to travel to New Zealand, if that person is a citizen or holding a resident Visa. He can sponsor his partner or children to come and stay with him. Several conditions and regulations are associated with Partner Visa for New Zealand depending upon the situation.


Business Visitor Visa has been facilitated for legitimate business travelers worldwide. It is given for the purpose of establishing contacts for business or for any business related meeting or conference.


A Tourist Visa is required if you are interested in visiting another country for leisure purposes. This visa does not allow any kind of business activity in another country and is solely meant for travel and tourism.

Skilled Migrant Category

Skilled Migrant Category Visa is a type of residence visa that is based on your skilled migrant category points. These points depend on certain factors like your qualifications, experience, age etc. There are many requirements that must be fulfilled to get a skilled migrant category visa, including English language skill. At Sekhri Group we assist and prepare you for all challenges in the visa acquiring process and at later stages.

Family Category

Family Class residence visa allows a person to sponsor his family to come and stay with him/her in a foreign country. This visa is facilitated for a long term stay in the foreign country. At Sekhri Group you can find out all about settling abroad and find out the best settling options for you. We guide you starting from the training or preparation to step into another country till your final settlement abroad.

Work to Residence

Work to residence visa is a great opportunity for candidates looking to settle in New Zealand. If you have been working in New Zealand you can switch from temporary work visa to residence visa based on some conditions. This will enable you to avail all services meant for a resident of New Zealand.

Business Residence Visa

This residence visa gives you business and investor capabilities in the foreign coountry. Entrepreneurs, investors and other businessmen can apply for this visa with the view of staying in the country on a long term basis. There are several types and conditions involved with the business class residence visa. We at Sekhri Academy assist you with all kinds of information and processing related to this visa type. In case of any issues being faced by you can be resolved at Sekhri.

Residence From Work

Having worked for a certain period of time on Work to Residence Visa may qualify you for a residence status in a foreign country. People who want to settle abroad apply for this visa when they start working in a foreign country.


We can help investors who want to gain residence in New Zealand by applying under this Visa. You have to make some investment while staying in NZ from your funds to become eligible for this visa type With Investment visa you can Work ,live and study in New Zealand. You can take your partner, and dependent children (aged 24 and under) along with you, in your visa application.


If you’re an experienced businessperson and want to get self-employed in your own business in NZ, then entrepreneur visa could be for you. You can start out on a Entrepreneur Work Visa, which allows you to move to New Zealand and establish your own business. Then you can apply for residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category after the time period of either six months or two years. With Entrepreneur visa you can Establish your own business in New Zealand. Stay, work and study in New Zealand. You can take your partner, and dependent children (aged 24 and under) along with you, in your visa application.


If you are onshore and have run out of your lawful status, meaning , you have No valid visa and became unlawful in New Zealand, then you can apply to Immigration NZ under Section 61.

If you are living unlawfully in NZ then you are under a legal obligation to leave, and the following applies:-

  • You are not allowed to study or work and also there will be no access to healthcare for you.
  • You are at a great risk of being detained or deported even if you have requested a visa.
  • After your Visa Expiry you are not allowed to remain in NZ for longer than 42 days. If you do so, then it will affect your future travel plans for NZ.
  • If your family members or someone known helps you to remain in NZ unlawfully, then it could also affect their immigration status.

We can help you by assessing your location and representing you in section 61 Requests to Retain/Regain your lawful status and we can even guide you about the process to appeals. However, you cannot apply section 61, if you are already served with deportation order.


If your visa application has been declined, If you have become unlawful in NZ or have been issued a deportation order and believe you have some special circumstances that warrant it, then we can help you to make a Ministerial Intervention where the Immigration Minister will consider and weigh up your special circumstances and may appeal Immigration New Zealand to review your case and to reverse the decision made by them.

Professional advice is needed in such cases for submitting an appeal of this kind, and Our Licensed Immigration Adviser Mr. Munish Sekhri is very experienced in making such appeals.


New Zealand is a very safe country to live in as researched by the International Standards. However, it is wise to know about what to do if you face any kind of trouble like Domestic violence and other in NZ. We are always present to help you. Just make contact with us and our professional adviser will guide you to get out of such situations. You can :

  • Make police complain.
  • Contact investigation agencies online.
  • Make appeal under various Laws.
Get licensed and 100% genuine advice for any type of New Zealand Visas from us, before you proceed towards Visa Application