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Australia Immigration

Australia Immigration

The economy of Australia is one of the largest mixed market economies in the world, dominated by its service sector, comprising 68% of GDP. With its rapid development and convenient educational programs for international students, immigration to Australia has become a growing trend. The government of Australia has also ensured proper implementation of Immigration Laws to secure the rights of the immigrants. The Department of Home Affairs in Australia has published a paper with the complete Administration program and policies describing how it administers Australia’s Immigration Program.

To be able to migrate to Australia for any purpose, one must possess a valid visa required for the intended reason. One can work, study, visit or join a partner in Australia by applying to the specific category visa. A lot of people plan to permanently stay in Australia.

Sekhri Academy and Immigration serves its customers by providing the right advice on how to settle in Australia. There could be several ways in which you can easily apply for a Visa and get it approved. To know the right funnel for you to land and settle in Australia, Sekhri Academy and Immigration is the only right choice for you.

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Get your desired Visa for Australia through Sekhri Academy and Immigration and ensure faster processing and quality service.

You can apply for the type of visas listed below:

Study Visa:

Based on specific requirements like higher education, professional or work-based training or accompanying a student as a guardian, Australia offers three types of Visa:

Student Visa: temporary visa granted to pursue higher education in Australia.

Student Guardian Visa: temporary visa granted to accompany a student as his/her guardian in Australia.

Training Visa: temporary visa granted to advance your occupational skills through professional development training programs.

All of these have specific eligibility criteria, terms and conditions. Explore your options to pursue higher education in Australia by consulting us.


Visitor Visa:

Visitor or Tourist Visa for Australia also incorporates several types or permits intended for different purposes. Depending on whether one wants to go for a holiday, visit family and friends, transit, attend an event or conference, perform business activities, do volunteer work, get medication etc. a Visitor or Tourist Visa may be granted.

To apply for a Visitor Visa, the applicant must undergo proper document verification. Specific proofs may be required depending on the purpose of stay or travel. Find options for your travel to Australia at Sekhri Academy and Immigration.


Work Visa:

It is possible to work in Australia through a short or long term Work Visa, Business or Investment Visa and Sponsored Visa. Work Visa is usually granted for occupations that are on the skills shortage list for Australia.Work permits also differ depending on the duration of your stay in Australia. To work permanently in Australia you must qualify as a skilled worker in your domain. For different occupations like Government, Law and defence etc. different types of work permits are applicable.

Eligibility Criteria: Work Permit is only granted based on previous educational qualifications, English Language proficiency, previous experience, and other general factors. To know about your eligibility for a work permit, consult us.


Australia Visas can be applied and consulted about at Sekhri Academy and Immigration Ltd.