Guardian of Minor Student

In countries where territories define the age of majority, all children under that age are considered as minor. In case a child is studying as a minor in another country with a study visa, his/her guardian can accompany him/her in that country with a Guardian of a Minor Visa. 

There are several specifications associated with this type of Visa. You can find information on topics related to it, some of them listed below, at Sekhri Group:

  • Under what conditions can a  Guardian of a Minor Visa be granted?

  • Am I eligible for it?

  • How to apply for a  Guardian of a Minor Visa?

  • What are the advantages of owning this visa?

  • Which countries allow for this visa?

  • What other rules are associated with it?

  • Is study permit also required?

  • What preparations are required to get a  Guardian of a Minor Visa?

  • What are the age limits specific to a country for a student to be minor?

  • How to resolve issues related to it?


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