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Consult LIA Munish Sekhri for New Zealand Immigration assistance and training for international exams like IELTS, PTE, CELPIP, CD IELTS.
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Computer Delivered IELTS

The full form of CD IELTS is Computer Delivered IELTS and Sekhri Academy facilitates top class training in CD IELTS through its branches near you.

(Caricature: I speak, you listen. You write, I read with a cyclic arrow depicting multidirectional/transactional communication)

Both the tests (Paper-based & CD- IELTS) are scored on a scale of 9 bands for each module and an overall score is calculated as the average of all the 4 modules.

This how the IELTS TRF looks like:


Sekhri Academy-Student TRF

Did you know that more than 80% of our students have been able to achieve a score of 6.5 and above, hence laying the foundation for their successful careers, internationally?

Such success stories are a result of diligence on the part of the students blended with the Special Strategies and our bespoke pedagogy. (Do not worry about such big words. And if you look closely in the context, “Pedagogy” simply means “the way of teaching”. There is no rocket science in absorbing the complex vocabulary… we will teach you a “secret tool” 😉 to become a human dictionary.

Why IELTS @ Sekhri?

Programme structure

If you take coaching from Sekhri Academy at one of its branches near you in IELTS you gain several advantages. Orientation is given to students to make them familiarized with IELTS. In next step a diagnostic test is being conducted in order to put the student in correct batch. After this it is decided whether the student needs to attend the regular classes or just needs to polish the skills.

  • Program Structure Here the program structure design as per the needs of the students along with this it is customized according to the individual requirements of the candidates. Regular Mock test are being conducted by working on their micro skills.
  • Library All the updated material is used for the students.  Authentic and rare books are present here and their guidance.
  • Training & Development Proper training division is their which are specialist and professional in their work.  Time to time teacher training programs is conducted externally and internally to aware and updates the trainers.
  • Professional & Specialist The Sekhri team is highly dynamic, professionally managed team which aims at providing intelligent learning and value for their money to students. Along with this we are highly receptive to feedback and welcomes students wholeheartedly.

Internationally, all the categories starting with the schools, universities, employers, immigration authorities and even professional bodies not only wholeheartedly accept Computer Delivered IELTS but fully trust it as well. This ultimately leads to opening ways for living, studying and working across the globe. The test provides detailed assessment in proficiency that a student has in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English language.

The ultimate four aspects of communication are being assessed in IELTS which becomes the four modules-reading, listening, writing and speaking.

Categorizing CD IELTS further, it can be Academic and General training (G.T). Candidates can go either for academic or for general. Where the number of all the four modules remains the same, content of reading and writing differs for academic and general.


  • Nine bands scale is used in the assessment of IELTS academic and general training test. Overall band score is given for four components: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Overall scores are basically rounded average of all the four components.
  • Listening and reading: Each correct answer will give one mark then total marks scored are converted into nine-band scale.
  • Writing: Four criteria are being assessed

TA- Task achievement in task 1 and TR- Task response in task 2
CC-Coherence and cohesion
LR-Lexical resource
GRA-Grammatical range & acuracy

  • Speaking: four parameters for speaking are

Fluency and coherency
Lexical resource
Grammatical range and accuracy

Sekhri Academy started as an IELTS preparation Academy about 15 years ago and has successfully accomplished 100% targets with hundreds of 8 Bands and above scorers. Look out for all our branches as we may be providing IELTS classes near you.

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