Interview Tips

Tips to crack the Immigration Interview:

The most important stage of getting the student visa is the interview stage and maximum attention should be diverted towards this phase both by the Agent and the Applicant.


Please note that Immigration New Zealand reserves the right to interview the applicants over the phone or in person, to be able to assess the eligibility for the visa applied for.

The agent should guide the applicant through the whole process and the possible questions that can be asked. There are few important things that one should keep in mind while facing a telephonic interview.

All the questions should be answered with confidence in English only

The following are some of the important questions that the ambassador asks during the interview for the student visa




The interview is very simple provided the Student knows about the following things:

·         Knowledge about the college.

·         Name

·         City

·         Campus

·         Country

·         Knowledge about the course.

·         Name of the course

·         Level

·         Contents or Subjects

·         Duration of the course

·         Reason for choosing the course

·         Future Prospect or career pathways

·         Knowledge about the financials

·         Sponsored by.

·         Amount of bank Loan if applied for

·         Family information

Telephonic interview is a mere indicator about the communication skills and to access whether a student is genuine. An applicant can get through the interview if they know about the above things and answers the entire question confidently.

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Important websites for you to browse:

·         The official website of the institution where you intend to study

·         Website giving information about job prospects:

·         For visa policy, etc..: