Education System

The educational system in New Zealand is extremely varied and is one of the best in the world. According to scores, it has the highest levels of literacy, mathematics, and sciences in the country.


The public educational system is one of the best funded in the world; New Zealand offers the highest percentage of public funding in education in the world. Several indices rate New Zealand as the number one country in the world for education.

New Zealand universities offer courses from certificate to doctorate level. Polytechnics offer courses from certificate level, with some offering full degree and postgraduate studies.  Private training establishments usually offer certificate and diploma qualifications, usually in practical subjects like hospitality and hotel management.

A bachelor degree usually takes 3 to 4 years. After that, you can take post-graduate qualifications such as a Graduate Diploma, Master Degree or Doctorate. A master's degree requires more demanding and intensive study and includes supervised research.

University and polytechnic degree courses have equal merit.

The two main types of assessment are exams and class work. Sometimes your overall mark will be a combination of the two.

Education System
New Zealand  Education System
Education System