Why Sekhri

We are known for our high degree visa success and customer satisfaction. Our student visa applications are processed on a priority and we have even received visa approvals in less than 2 working days.

Once the clients choose the pathway from various options provided by our counselors, we simplify the procedures for them by advising them at every step while they gather all the requisite documentation for their respective visa categories. Once our office has received all the documentation, we verify the authenticity of all the documents, sometimes using 3rd party verification services and prepare for the visa lodgment. The clients are regularly updated about processing stages that their application goes through. This helps us in maintaining the transparency of our procedures, thus attaining a very high visa success rate.

The Academy

Top 10 reasons to use Sekhri Academy as NZ Specialist Agent

  • 1
    Officially recognised by the New Zealand government agencies.
  • 2
    Experts in promoting NZ as a study destination.
  • 3
    Follow high level of ethics in promoting NZ education.
  • 4
    Fully trained counselors on the NZ education system and the visa application process.
  • 5
    Provide professional counseling service free of cost until an application is lodged.
  • 6
    Represent several state funded and private tertiary institutions in NZ.
  • 7
    Easily accessible and very friendly.
  • 8
    Clear advice on visa documentation.
  • 9
    Spread across the country.
  • 10
    Customer focused.